Tuesday Workshops

Make the most of your conference experience by arriving early and taking one of our Ideas to Impact Tuesday Workshops. The workshops typically run from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (with lunch on your own) There are classes designed to give beginners a greater understanding of our popular products, classes for seasoned ministry staff, and first looks at our latest products. Tuesday Workshop classes are $179 unless otherwise noted.

Realm 101

Realm 101 is everything you need to know to start using realm at your church. In this day long course we will take a look at how to setup and manage Realm. From there we will look at how to use Realm for communicating within your church. Finally we will look at incorporating giving, pathways, and event registration directly into your database. This course is a great way to lay a foundation of knowledge for the rest of the conference. ($179)

Audience: Realm Connect subscribers

Realm Accounting 101

Realm Accounting is a day-long course that initially addresses user security, and then walks through the setup of account segments and chart of accounts, including recommended layout and demonstration of how restricted accounts are managed through Realm. With chart of accounts established, will cover the entry of bank accounts, giving funds, beginning balances, and projects. Will also cover accounts payable features as well as expense, income, and other general ledger transactions. Finally, will review bank reconciliation procedures, inquiries, and reporting. Bring your laptop so you can reference your Realm account during the training. ($179)

Audience: Realm Accounting clients

Spring Cleaning Your ACS Data

During this class, we'll go over data management basics and best practices. Then it's hands-on time with structured examples to practice on, so bring your laptops! ($179)

Audience: Clients with ACS People

ACS People 101

This is a hands on workshop where attendees will understand basic ACS People setup, managing people profiles, list fields, family roles and how to manage family information. Laptops and hands-on practice is provided. ($179)

Audience: Clients with ACS People (great refresher or for new users)

ACS Financials 101

This is a hands on workshop where attendees will understand how to setup and use the ACS General Ledger. Laptops and hands-on practice is provided. ($179)

Audience: Clients with ACS Financials (great refresher or for new users)

Access ACS 101

Learn how to administrate and launch Access ACS. Participants will also learn how to setup and manage small groups, events, and online giving. ($179)

Audience: Clients with Access ACS (great refresher or for new users)

IT Roundtable - FREE

Dean Lisenby, Executive Director of IT for ACS Technologies invites IT professionals for a roundtable discussion of topics related to managing technology in the local church.

Audience: All clients (Free)

Realm: First Look - FREE

Get a first look into Realm. This class is a live demo that will give you the opportunity to see Realm in action. This class will run from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Audience: Clients interested in Realm for their church (Free)